This site is about me.

I'm a guide.

I lead people in moumtains and along rivers of Subpolar and Polar Ural, of Bol'shezemel'skaya Tundra and Chernycheva Rigde.

It's my life more than 20 years.

I can lead group to every top of Subpolar Ural, to organize rafting down any you like local  river.  I can organize and lead shooting for any our wildfowl and I know where, when and how you need to catch fish. I can drive and repair cross country vehicle, motor boats, snowmobiles, swampy-snowmobile "Strannik".

I worked in geology, led schoolchildrens and invalids, women and grown-up healthy men in itineraries.

I know how to travel safety and interesting and correctly.

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Some words about my biography..

I live in the same town I was born. It situated near the Polar circle and named Inta. Of course I was oktoberer, pioneer and komsomol member. I served in Soviet Army in Middle Asia. I started to go to mountains from 1985 and continued this occupation during service in Army and teaching in Moscow State  University and certainly during working in Children Tourist Club and when I was tourism engineer in National Park "Ygud va" and graduated Syktyvkar State University and I continue go to the forest nowadays.

In my luggage of sportive reaching there are winter skiing from 1 to 4 rated routes with schoolchildrens, evidence of candidate to master of sport of tourism. Any evidences (like confirmation of my routines) always didn't interested me. I was on the highest top of Ural mountains naroda (1896 m) more than 10 times in winter and summer. Above the same times I was on the beautifulest our top Manaraga (1620 m). I rafted myself and organized rafting routes on all main rivers of Subpolar and Polar Ural practicaly. Though I never tryed to "collect" routes. I always thought it is important to study deep and unhusty own territories.

The fishing was my first love, the hunting - the second one. In fishing I prefer light spinning. I think fishing by spinning is a variant of river's hunting. I hunting with smooth burrel gun IZH - 18 but prefer to shooting with rifle. I have a dog western-siberian male.

My wife is a guide too. I have a doughter and two sons.

I won't change my job to any other one. 


How to connect with me:  +79630231360.

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